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  chungha,LTD integrated as a manufacturer of fish processing machinery, including the various talpigi thawing machine, squid processing machine, filleting machines, halbokgi, tomakgi, the head cutter, scale remover, naengyeomsugi, tuna processing machine, and specialized in the field was succeeded in 100% domestic enterprise and is already leading professional supplier of fishery resources in the technical and practical uses are injeungbateunba.

  In addition, fish processing machines as production know-how accumulated in a meat processing machinery, making the rib cutters, meat cutters, and ingenious structure, each part has been granted a patent. Until now regarded as the powerhouse of fish processing machinery from Japan, we've State ask the machine has been praised by exporting products. Generous spirit of pushing the envelope with a passion for research and development to support Fish processing machinery in the field of the 21st century will become a world leader.


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