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SHS Multi M/C

Superheated Steam Oven (Batch Type)




① Able to cook quickly by using superheated steam at 120℃~400℃ & FIR(Far Infra Red).
② It provides amazing taste by maintaining moisturized surface.
③ Possible to get excellent quality because thin flesh, tail and belly, etc. do not dry and burn.
④ Minimized gravy loss gives food's inherent flavor and taste.
⑤ Able to produce mass quantity on various cuisine such as roast(steak, cutlet, fush, bread)and steamed dish with this single oven.
⑥ Easy to process as the foods on pan moves to output automatically by conveyor.
⑦ Possible to cook various kinds of food at the same time due to non-smoking & less odor
⑧ Able to cook frozen food without defrosting process.
⑨ Able to cook various kinds of food ( roasting & steamed dish ) with this single oven and can be widely used at CVS, restaurant and hotel, etc. due to compact size.
이런곳에 강력 추천합니다!!!
호텔레스토랑, 패밀리레스토랑, 도시락공장, 단체급식장, 식품가공업체, 수산가공공장, 반찬공장, 살균 및 건조공정
50종류의 조리프로그램 메모리 가능!!
- 슈퍼히터(SH)유닛 내장
- 꼼꼼한 온도조절
- 쾌적한 작업공간
- 우수한 관리성
975L X 765W X 1860H 500L X 310W X 100H 3상(phase) x 380V x 11.5KW 100~200개/HR 품목에 따라 차이가 있음 생선, 우육, 돈육, 계육, 빵, 야채, 구이, 찜 등

- With CHAMCO's Supertheated Steam Oven, Only 3 1/2 minutes are needed to roast fishes.
- Using superheated steam between 120 and 400 degrees and far infrared radiation heater, quick cooking is possible directly, strongly heated.
- Without defrosting, frozen food reserves can be cooked.
- Fully roasted on the surface and softly roasted inside, you can enjoy flavor with fun.
- With the quick roasting on the surface, which decreases evaporating of moisture, it tastes better.
- Even when you heat the foods again, you can feel its original taste.
- Less destroying of nutrients such as amino acid, vitamin.
- Cooking in vacuum state can prevent oxidizing of food reserves.
- Cooked with only oil out of food reserves.
- Decrease the calory and salt hugely.
High quality!!
- Guarantee marketability as tails, flesh on velly are not dried or burned.
- Feel food's original flavor minimizing the spill of gravy.
- Cooking variety of foods in quantity such as roasts(steak, cutlet, fish, bread) is possible with just one machine.
- Just on the oven pan Cooking is done.
- Due to less smell, several dishes can be cooked at the same time.

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